Comment by: Sherman Snukal
Hi Jude - The website looks great and all the work wonderful. Sherman

Comment by: Sherry Penny
I loved looking through your website. What a marvellous talent you have. Sherry
Comment by: cherie roye
Jude you are amazing! Love your website! XO
Comment by: bob artz
Terrific! Lovely work - you have a great hand with color and form!! Much success to you!!
Comment by: Scott Muscolo
Enjoyed looking at some of your work! I'm fortunate to be in your class and learning from you. See you soon! Scott
Comment by: Cathy
You have a wonderful gift for bringing out personality in your art...whether of individuals or places or nature. I love it all! Such depth and beauty.
Comment by: Claudio
Very Beautiful
Comment by: Betty Boyle
You've come a long way. Love your work!
Comment by: Deanna
Jude, It was nice to meet you yesterday at Ben's. Wow, what beautiful paintings. I love water colors. I think the flowers are my favorites. Deanna Brown
Comment by: Jo-Ann Armstrong
Hey Jude, It's Christmas Eve 2009 and I'm looking at your wonderful website and remembering our good times together. I still cherish one of your original works - 306 Wychwood Aveue. You're awesome! I hope we meet again. Love, Jo-Ann
Comment by: Leanne Roberts
Jude, I found your site today and enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful work. You are a very talented woman and I am pround that you are my friend!
Comment by: John Wiesenfeld
Hey mom. I love the website with will's music. It so relaxing going through all your pictures. I think this site is perfect! Job amazingly done. I don't think I could have pulled this nice of a site off no matter how hard I tried.
Comment by: joe Marino
hi jude, i really enjoyed our conversations at viva today. very nice website and really nice artwork. joe marino fellow vag member
Comment by: Sarah Hibberd
HI Auntie Judy, Mum told me about your blog...very cool. I love being able to check out what you're working on! Awesome work. I love the one of Ky!
Comment by: Johnna
Hey Jude, It was so great to see you, and I love the website! I recognize a bunch of the old canvases and love the newer watercolor of the inside of that store!
Comment by: Linda Brown
Finally got to your website and I am impressed & also inspired to get back to painting.Love your work & hope to acquire one soon.When you're back in Canada visiting family please contact me through email & maybe we can get together. From another former Kelly!
Comment by: hennie Jacobs
I hadn't seen the site for a while, Judy - it looks great. Love the picture of you and Bobby at the sea. Bisous, h.
Comment by: Will Wiesenfeld
mom, this looks really good. i hadn't seen it in a whie!
Comment by: Linda Reyna
Hi Jude, I was Googling Judy Koenig and I happened to find your website, which by the way, displays your talent beautifuly. Now that's a happy accident.
Comment by: Penny Packard
Judy, I don't recall knowing you had such a talent for painting while we were at Loyola - in fact it was only through your xmas notes over the many years since then, that I even knew you were painting now. I am delighted to see some of your works on this site and am amazed at the detail of your work. Penny
Comment by: Muriel Trotter
Dear Jude, Your website is absolutely fabulous and your wonderful artwork is an inspiration to us all. Not only are you a wonderful friend but a talented one to boot. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Love, Mu
Comment by: Carolyn L.
Dear Jude, Looking at all your beautiful paintings brings a tear to my eye. I'm so proud of and happy for you. Such detail. The first thing that strikes me is your wonderful use of color and the way you blend them. The portraits of the people are so personal. My favorite though is the general store. Starting now I'm saving my allowance:)
Comment by: Denise Hayes
Magnificant work Judy. I loved going through your website. I love all your paintings but especailly the lilies, country scenes and you in the kettle. You are so talented. Hope to see you up north soon.
Comment by: Claudia
Jude. I really enjoyed browsing your website. Your work is wonderfully colorful. I especially loved the teakettle, great definition. I talked to you at the Calabasas show. I'm a student with Judy Koening.Best of luck to you, Claudia p.s. I don't have email access at this time
Comment by: Linda Laughlin
Wonderful work Jude - I particularly loved seeing the portraits of your boys - brought back a lot of memories. You are so talented - I'm impressed. Love, Linda
Comment by: Laura Foster
This work is amazing, very inspiring!
Comment by: Bobby
How come you inherited all the talent in the family? I think your website is fabulous. What a beautiful display of your inspired work! Love you. Bobby
Comment by: Judy Comroe
Hi Jude: Thanks for alerting me to your website. It displays your paintings beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at each and every one. I'll look forward to your updates. Judy Comroe
Comment by: Kerry Heller
This is fantastic! Your website is now at the top of my favorites. Love you lots and lots..... Kerry
Comment by: hennie Jacobs
Hi Judy - Jeff was MOST impressed with the picture of the kitchen (although I noticed he didn't post his comment.) bisous, h.
Comment by: judy koenig
Jude, What a delight to see all your beautiful artwork displayed in one place and so beautifully. I wish I could say I taught you everything you know but you already had all "the right stuff". Lots of love, j
Comment by: Lynn Calafiore
Hey Jude...I just love a Canadian Beauty...the site is great & easy to access. You are so talented!!!
Comment by: Elaine Overholt
Jude, Your artistry is as spectacular as you are. I find it very moving, articulate, and it compels me to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of the life that you create. Thank you !! Love, Elaine
Comment by: Virginia Drew
Jude, your website is amazing, wish I could be in CA for the Fine Arts Festival. I am sending your website to my nephews who live in LA. Their father is an artist and I think they will be impressed with your paintings and portraits. Virginia
Comment by: catrinka
Wow!! Jude, I loved all your collections. Oh, I would so love to buy one for the time I'm in CA I'll tote one home! Must have Steve take a look here soon. You're so amazing. Love the site. Love ya, Cath
Comment by: hennie Jacobs
Hi Judy - wow! Well done. I'llpop in from time to time. Bisous, h.
Comment by: Jennifer Nejman
I'm very impressed with your website. I love your paintings and am a big fan!

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